Clean Recovery Center


Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Clean Recovery Centers, a Tampa, Florida residential facility, specializes in addiction treatment and provides mental health services. Treatment options include inpatient, outpatient, and day/night treatment with community housing. The three step treatment process includes:

- Phase one – “preparation” 3-4 week detoxification and residential treatment

- Phase two – “action” 2-3 week treatment. The substance use path involves day/night treatment with community housing. The mental health path includes meals and housing and individual treatment

- Phase three – “Maintenance” 6-8 week program. Substance use clients have the choice to remain on-site or have outpatient care. Mental health also has the choice to follow up with outpatient care

- Alumni – Alumni are always welcome and encouraged to participate in social media groups and peer events, and will receive ongoing support.

For millions, addiction and mental health issues are a constant battle in everyday life. Clean Recovery Center of Tampa is here to help all get clean, live clean, and stay clean. Our mission is to treat each individual and use methods that work best for them.

At Clean Recovery Centers of Tampa, we believe every person seeking treatment is different. We provide individual assessments of each client and work together to find the path that will be most beneficial to them. Our Tampa facility has an RRT-certified trauma therapist to work through past and present traumas that can be a factor in substance use or mental health issues. Our center also provides a mental health primary diagnosis no matter which level of care a patient is in. There are multiple factors when treating someone for substance use or mental health issues, and at Clean Recovery Centers it is our mission to dive into them all.

Whether you or someone you love is living with substance use or mental health issues, Clean Recovery Centers staff in Tampa are here to help every step of the way. Call us at (888) 330-2532.